new gear

Picked up an Audio Technica AT 4050 condenser mic and some DBX compressors recently.



completed projects update

Haven’t updated for quite awhile. Here’s a list with links of recordings I’ve done since the last update.

King Deuce ‘The Throw Down’ EP (recorded/mixed/mastered):

Radiation Sickness new songs for split with Fistula (recorded/mixed):

Ratstorm ‘Empty Hands’ 7″ EP (recorded/mixed):

Late August full-length finished in December 2013 (recorded/mixed/mastered).

Male Bondage three songs for split with Teenage Strange finished in January 2014 (recorded/mixed/mastered):

Kata Sarka cover of ‘Death Comes Ripping’ for Cvlt Nation digital download compilation ‘Misfits Earth A.D. – The Cult Nation Sessions’ (recorded/mixed).

Deadmen ‘Grave Opener’ EP (recorded/mixed/mastered):

The Lickers ‘Get Licker’d’ full-length (mastering):

Warpath ‘Fuck You, I’m Queer: The Discography’ LP (mastering):

Three Cent Queen ‘Your Truth (Your Lies) / Lovers All The Time’ 7″ single (recorded/mixed/mastered):

Social Damage Demos Compilation 7″ (recorded/mixed/mastered):

Social Damage ‘Eye For An Eye’ 7″ EP (recorded/mixed/mastered):

Conjurer ‘Old World Ritual’ full-length (recorded/mixed):

Golden Echo ‘S/T’ EP (recorded/mixed/mastered):

Wizard’s Smoke ‘Demo’ EP (mastered):

Kvlthammer ‘S/T’ full-length (recorded/mixed):

Boddicker ‘Crime Upheaval’ full-length (recorded/mixed):

Love Moon ‘Hocus Focus’ EP (recorded/mixed):

Golden Echo ‘Unfinished’ EP (recorded/mixed/mastered):

Sacred Leather three songs for split with Kvlthammer (recorded/mixed):

Kvlthammer three songs for split with Sacred Leather (recorded/mixed): forthcoming

Sacred Leather ‘Live Leather’ EP (recorded/mixed/mastered):

casque – furious machine of perpetual disgust


Recorded this in Sept/Oct 2013 and mastering was handled by Geoff Montgomery at The Ensomberoom. Filthy and fast. Buy/support:

male bondage

male bondage session

Male Bondage just recorded three new songs that will be on their side of a split tour cassette with Teenage Strange. Currently mixing these and they came out killer. In the meantime, check out their full-length ‘Love Moon’ that was released on vinyl earlier this year by the good folks at Gloryhole Records and Drink Or Die Records.

a few new recordings

Recently finished up recordings from a couple of great bands.

O’er The Deep is an instrumental indie rock/post-rock band that has been in the works for years. I was very happy to be the one to help my friends capture these songs. Take a listen, download the songs, and order a physical copy of the limited edition CD.

This Is The Enemy is a vegan crust band from Indianapolis with former members of PissArtist, who I recorded in January 2012. They knocked out 8 songs including a ripping cover of Aus Rotten‘s “When You Support These Fucking Bastards” in a few hours one night. The songs will be on a 7″ record for their tour in a few weeks.

Boddicker recorded a bunch of songs with me in March for a series of splits they have coming out with Parasitic Twins, Nvklear Hellfrost, and Late August. This and the O’er The Deep recordings were the last I did using my old setup with the Tascam US-1641 interface. For the mix on the Boddicker material I routed the individual tracks out to my new Mackie Onyx 1640i board to do a tape-style mixdown, which came out sounding violent and raging. Perfect!

kind words from the cracked skull

front-end upgrade



I recently upgraded to a Mackie Onyx 1640i mixer/interface and it’s killer! Great preamps and EQ as well has giving more I/O options for tracking and mixing. I’ve done two sessions with it so far (an EP for Witches Circle and two new songs for Radiation Sickness) and am really excited with how those recordings came out in just the raw stages.


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